The CP-MGMS-S200 is a multi-gas monitoring system, it is a scalable-architecture, low-maintenance, coast effective system that can monitor up to 256 sensors …

  • Parking garages and loading docks
  • Warehouses
  • Fire stations
  • Indoor sports complexes and arenas
  • Car dealerships and maintenance facilities
  • Airports, schools and hospitals
  • And many more …
Key Features
  • Supports up to 256 electrochemical, PID, NDIR and pellistor sensors
  • Interchangeable smart calibrated sensing modules
  • Plug-and-play smart sensors
  • Auto-addressable and self-configurable sensors
  • RS485 communication protocol sensors to the controller
  • Modbus or BACnet communication protocol
  • Intuitive web-based graphic user interface
  • Visual and audible alarm with mute button
  • Fully programmable alarm levels
  • Fan override timers
  • Sequential, time-based ventilation controls
  • Maintenance modes
  • Automatic diagnostic and maintenance modes
  • Unlimited datalogger
  • Low power consumption

The CP-MGMS-S200 is a Multi-Gas Monitoring System designed to ensure occupant safety in enclosed areas, maintain indoor air quality at satisfactory levels and reduce energy costs through a demand-controlled ventilation system.

It is a scalable-architecture, low-maintenance, cost-effective system that uses remote hardwired sensors to communicate with a central control module, remote relay modules and remote analog modules and operate ventilation equipment and activate remote alarms.

The CP-MGMS-S200 controls gas levels suitable for different applications, notably combustible and toxic gases. The controller can monitor up to 256 sensors, including assorted sensor technologies such as electrochemical, infrared, pellistor and PID, or any combination thereof. The system contains three main modules: the “CM-100” control module,All in one touch screen PC , and “SNode” node module. For each module, competitive features offer an unmatched combination of accuracy, reliability, robustness and ease of use.

Dimensions 24 in x 20 in x 8 in (610mm x 508mm x 203mm)
Weight 63.5lb (29 kg)
Power Supply 120 –240 VAC
Power Consumption 1 A max.
Specifications • Aeration louvers on both sides.
• 17 in Screen.
• Alarm (Buzzer).
• Silencer push botton.
• Handle lock
• CM-100 controller module. (link to product)
• Processing data computer
• 3 Branches RS-45
• Strob horn terminal blocks.
• Dry contact terminal blocks output.
• Analog terminal blocks output.
• 120 VAC terminal blocks input.
Number of Supported SNode Modules 128 SNodes
link to product
Number of Supported Sensors 256 sensors
Relay Outputs 4 dry contact relays, 2 A @ 240 V each
Alarm Audible and visual alarm with mute switch (rated 85 dB @ 2 ft.)
Relay Modules 12 RM-8 modules
link to product
Analog Modules 12 AM-8 modules
link to product
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
Operating Humidity 0 to 90% RH non-condensing
Total Current Consumption 2 A max
Download the CP-MGMS-S200 datasheet
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