Calibration Service

All sensors included in our systems are pre-calibrated and thoroughly tested before shipment. However, it's important to note that each sensor has a defined lifespan. Sensitivity will drift with time, due to various factors, including sensor type, relative humidity, gas concentration, and temperature conditions, leading to a degradation in sensor performance. Consequently, there comes a point when these sensors need to be replaced with new, calibrated ones. The replacement process unfolds as follows.

Calibration Process Detail
Calibration Request

Click on the button to fill out our calibration request form.

calibration request
Reception and Preparation

Pergamon will receive your request and prepare the new sensors, then calibrate them.

Delivery of the New Sensors

Pergamon will send you the new calibrated sensor capsules. Please keep the calibration certificate.

Return of Old Sensors

Send back the old sensors, attaching a copy of your calibration request form.

Offset Credits

You will be credited with an offset for the old sensors you have returned.

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It is a simple and fast process to calibrate sensors
calibration request
Please, email us and we will respond promptly!