Parking garages and loading docks

Parking garages and loading docks Applications

Monitoring of carbon monoxide/nitrogen dioxide in large parking garages.

Parking facilities, whether they be underground or enclosed can vary in size and design. If the facility is not monitored continuously and ventilated properly, it can certainly become a hazardous environment. Vehicle exhaust from idling and circling cars trying to find a place to park builds up in the enclosed area.

Carbon monoxide is the most common exhaust fume in these types of garages however there is also the possibility for nitrogen dioxide from diesel powered engines and hydrogen buildup from electric car charging stations. A gas detection system is necessary to provide a safe environment in the parking facility as well as minimizing the energy costs related to the operation of the ventilation system. It is not practical or environmentally friendly to run the fans continuously, as wear and tear drastically shortens the life expectancy of the equipment resulting in higher maintenance fees and services.